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Vehicle Diagnostics Service Details

When compared to manually checking the vehicle, an electrical diagnostic test is a cost efficient procedure. It enables our technicians to investigate, test and observe faults on a vehicle such as engine problems, electrical system faults etc. The test systematically checks through the vehicle system looking for issues with the vehicles components, also allowing for manual operation and testing of vehicle components to aid the fault finding process.

Due to the complexity of the vehicle systems on newer vehicles having to continuously communicate with each other, most mechanical components of the vehicle are constantly being monitored and controlled by sensors, actuators and control units. These units can easily become defective or issues can arise with programming. Using specialist diagnostics equipment, these issues can be quickly identified and corrected.

What Issues Can Car Diagnostics Identify?

A few of the areas of concern a car diagnostics service can identify in most vehicles are as follows:

  • Issues with the engine
  • Engine timing problems
  • Fuel injector performance
  • Engine RPM levels
  • Air and coolant temperature
  • Crankshaft issues
  • Camshaft position
  • Problems with brakes
  • Engine management problems

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